Paul Weidler is the Founder of PC Auto Detailing and has over 20 years in the auto detailing industry. His passion is to better his industry by sharing the knowledge he has gained with anyone who wants to learn how to detail better.  

During this tenured career, he has worked in many facets of the auto detailing industry including: 

  • Worked for and subcontracted for automotive detailing schools.
  • Consulted dealerships and trained their detailing staff on new systems and procedures. Also, instructed the service advisers on detailing services and how to market them to the customers. 
  • Instituted the Waterless washing procedures to dealerships washing 80-100 cars per day and saving thousands of gallons of water and electricity which added to these dealerships bottom line. 
  • Has been An ambassador to many car clubs in how to maintain the finish on their cars by holding 1 and 2 day seminars.
  • Contracted with Smartwax and Chemical Guys detailing supplies and chemicals to hold automotive detailing classes in Londan, Holland, and Germany.
  • Technical adviser to “TheDetailingPros” licensees and many other detailers around the world.

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