At What Time Should You Clean Your Car?

Posted on Nov 9, 2019

At What Time Should You Clean Your Car?

At what time of day is it best to wash your vehicle? There is a common suggestion that the best time is at noon in summer. However, this is not necessarily true. There are some weather and climatic factors you need to consider.

Washing your Car in Summer

The best time to wash your car is when the temperature is fairly mild. You don’t want to do the cleaning when it’s too cold or too hot outside. When it is very hot, the soap dries up quickly. You may not get the chance to properly rinse before the soap dries up.

When droplets of soapy water get stuck on your car’s body, they can leave stains that will damage the finish. Also, avoid cleaning the vehicle in windy conditions. It will not only make the soapy water dry faster, but can also carry debris that will damage the car as you scrub off mud and dirt.

Ideally, you should clean the car in the early morning or late afternoon. You should avoid windy conditions and direct sunlight. If you’ve been running the vehicle, pour cold water first to cool it down before cleaning it.

During the Cold Season

You should avoid cleaning your car when temperatures are below freezing. Pouring water on the vehicle will turn it to ice as soon as it touches the body. Despite these challenges, do not attempt to “defrost” the car with hot water. Even cold water can crack the windscreen if the interior is warmer.

In winter your car will have road salt on the vehicle’s body. You need to wash it gently to avoid scratching the car’s finish. You can use tepid water mixed with baking soda to dissolve the ice and salt. Do the cleaning every 10 days, especially when the temperatures are over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Regular cleaning during winter prevents the accumulation of ice salt that can damage the car.

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