Auto Detailing and Carwash: What’s the Difference?

Posted on Jan 17, 2018

Auto Detailing and Carwash: What’s the Difference?

Some motorists are often confused about a simple car wash and auto detailing. This is because the process is almost the same with the difference on how the vehicle is overhauled both interior and on the exterior.

Because a detailing service may vary, it is a good consideration to understand what the process involves as the service packaging and estimation may also be different. Knowing what would be meticulously spruced up will also help you determine if you need such services.

A Carwash is a Simple Exterior Surface Cleanup
The main objective of having your car washed is to remove exterior dirt and other debris it has accumulated with constant use. Most drive-through car washes treat your vehicle with a power brush and a washing tunnel. The power brush removes environmental debris from the surface while the washing tunnel applies a coat of cleaning solution to your car.

Depending on the service package you are getting, a carwash can also include an undercarriage services which cleans the surface of the vehicle´s bottom part. Wheel cleaning and a clear-coating application are also extra services you can take advantage of for an added protection.

Auto Detailing is a Complete Interior and Exterior Overhaul
In so many ways, auto detailing fully affects the resale value of your vehicle because it not only preserves the look of your car but also minimizes damage from everyday wear and tear. A comprehensive package involves washing, coat waxing, and exterior detailing to make the vehicle spic and span.

Headlight restoration can also be added as an extra service along with exterior cosmetic polishing, carpet shampooing, and engine deep cleaning. Car detailing takes much more time to complete because every part is meticulously cleaned.

PC Auto Detailing has been serving the San Diego County for the last decade with packages that ensure your investment is fully protected from everyday use.

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