Make Your Car Look Good as New with PC Auto Detailing

Posted on Dec 18, 2018

Make Your Car Look Good as New with PC Auto Detailing

Are you getting bored of your car’s exterior and interior appearance? Either way, PC Auto Detailing in San Diego County is here to give your car a brand new look without breaking your budget.

Auto detailing, also known as car detailing, is an auto service of thorough cleaning, full restoration and giving your car a brand new finish on its exterior and interior finish.

Auto detailing consists of the following categories:

Exterior Auto Detailing – this involves car cleaning, restoration, redesigning the car’s finish (usually car paint with a glossy finish), chrome trimming, car window tint, tires and other components of a car’s exterior appearance. Services are a car wash, waxing the car exterior, cleaning the windows, removing any fallouts or clay, dressing the car exterior with plastic and rubber, wax sealing, cleaning the wheels, dressing the tires and plastic.

Interior Auto Detailing – this involves deep car cleaning of the entire interior cabin. PC Auto Detailing can work on a car’s interior materials such as synthetic carpet, leather, upholstery, vinyl, natural fiber, carbon fiber composite, plastic among others. A variety of thorough car cleaning products and techniques are also provided. Vacuum-cleaning the car’s interior, cleaning the mats, cleaning the windows, shampooing the carpets and conditioning the car’s leather, plastic, or vinyl are thoroughly done.

Why Choose PC Auto Detailing for your Car’s Needs?

At PC Auto Detailing in San Diego County, a wide range of products and techniques are provided that will be based on your car’s surface type and condition with the detailer’s preference as the top priority.

PC Auto Detailing can alter your car’s appearance or enhance it to fit your style. When you drive your car in the county, you will enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Regaining your Automobile’s Beauty
  • Keeping the car Value High
  • Saves you Money

Feel free to visit PC Auto Detailing in San Diego County or the website

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