One of the Best: PC Auto Detailing

Posted on Aug 21, 2019

Most car owners do not understand what separates a simple car washing from auto detailing. Car enthusiasts, however, know that auto detailing is more thorough, in-depth, and careful cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car, with some cosmetic treatments. For residents of San Diego County, PC Auto Detailing is your go-to if you want your car to look brand new again.

Some people start worrying about tarnishes and scratches on the body of their car, thinking it will have to take a total paint retouch for it to be gone. At times, car owners try to ignore the beating their leather seats have taken from their dogs or their kids. So they go for weeks, even months, agonizing about the tiny little scratch not knowing there may be a solution that will not cost them as much.

There is nothing fancy when we say we will wax your car exterior and vacuum the interior. But the fancy work on your exterior starts when we start doing paint touch-up or even correction. It doesn’t always have to be a paint touch-up though. Sometimes scratches or tarnishes may be removed by rubbing compound. Whatever it takes, we will get your car back to you looking spic and span.

Your plastic window will be cleaned as well so it can match the shiny paint of your car after it gets waxed. After all, it has to be shiny and polished as the rest of the car body. The tires will not be spared either. They also get the cosmetic retouch and look handsomely polished.

Since we made your exterior flashy, we will do our best to make your interior feel luxurious. The cleaning will not end with the vacuuming but may be followed with shampooing the carpet and conditioning of your upholstery.  We can even fix any damage on your leather interior. A deep cleaning and conditioning of your leather will keep it protected for many more seasons.

Come and get your car a thorough clean-up and make it look new once again. PC Auto Detailing will give you one of the best services in San Diego County

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