PC Auto Detailing: Tips on How to Care for Your Automobile’s Convertible Top

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

All types convertible automobiles are bound to turn heads virtually every time they are on the road. They are fun, eye-catching, and thanks to pop culture; invoke images of a masterful automobile design.

Unlike other parts of the body of a conventional car, the part that makes the convertible unique is sensitive to certain elements in our surroundings. They can be prone to mold, mildew, as well as the development of dust and grit if not taken care of properly.

Proper care can extend the life of your convertible top and keep your car looking clean, sleek and pristine. To do this, you need to understand the nature of the material of your automobile’s convertible top:

Vinyl Tops

The advantage of vinyl is that it is a material that is easy to clean. Shampoo and a brush are often enough for most of your routine cleaning needs. You should, however, clean vinyl with a shampoo and a brush that is appropriate for the material.

Vinyl is prone to cracking and you, therefore, need a cleaning agent that will protect its texture as well as its beauty. Cleaning agents that improve the gloss of the other parts of your car’s body should not be used on the vinyl top. They don’t improve the gloss and they can even encourage cracking.

Fabric Tops

Ordinarily, the material used on fabric tops should not have the capacity to repel water. However, the fabric material is treated during its manufacture and gives the car protection against elements such as rain and snow.

However, the sealant does not keep its repellent capacity forever. Over time this extra coating can begin to wear off mainly due to poor maintenance. How often you do maintenance work on the fabric top will depend on how frequently you use your automobile and the environment it is exposed to. 

Take time to check signs of wet spots and puddles on the fabric. Make use of a suitable cleaning agent that protects the fabric when cleaning the top.  You can also seek the services of PC Auto Detailing who are professionals specializing in restoring convertible tops among other areas of auto-detailing.

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