First I need to let you know that like most people that want to get their car detailed the first thing that comes to mind is ” Ahh, who can I trust to do what want I want done, how I want it,  and will it be within my expectations” these days we need to get and expect VALUE. The hardest thing for me as a guy is paying for something that I can do. Well, it turns out that was not the case. I called Paul (the owner) to discuss the rate and what is included in the detail. He said I need to see it to give an exact price and he had a opening the following Thursday,  well I said my wife will be at work at that time. I asked him if he can by chance to go to her work and get back me, without hesitation he said sure! (big plus) well she got off work at 1230 and I followed her to Pauls to drop it off. Paul said he will get on it as soon as he finishes the prior clients car. I mentioned to him to call me when it’s ready. Seeing that it is going to take 4 to 5 hrs that would be pushing the amount of day light, so I called him a couple hrs later to let him know that I can pick up my car the next day but I won’t be off work in time to pick up my wife at work at 1230 and again, without hesitation he offered to deliver the car to her at 1230 at her work. ( major plus)… then to my surprise he threw in a free engine detail. (extra major plus!) Needless to say that without a doubt Paul at PC Auto detail knows how to not only to run a great business but he knows how to treat his customers and to do meet my expectations,  he exceeded them. If anyone out there wanting or needing a detail I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paul at PC Auto Detailing. His 23+ years in the business really shines through. (no pun intended) Way to go Paul and thank you so much for a fantastic job.  I Will be returning again. 

Myke Nutting


Paul did great interior and exterior detailing on my Nissan Rogue! I loved it. He got about % 80 of my stains removed and dug deep into every crease in my car to make sure there weren’t any missing spots. The exterior is now as soft as a baby’s butt! Very satisfied. He is very friendly and professional. He came to check out my car and made and appt for the next week. Definitely plan on calling him back and recommending him to my friends and family. Thanks Paul!

Amanda V.


Mice had taken up residence in our Toyota Highlander making for a stinky and potentially dangerous environment for ourselves, and most important or 1 year old son. Thanks to Paul’s sterilization, interior and exterior detail we can breath easy.  I was concerned we’d have to replace the duct work. Paul took apart everything, cleaned it, and put it back together.  I don’t think “auto detail” is the appropriate term, instead it was more of a remanufacture.  We are thrilled and will be bringing our other car to him soon.

Josh K.


I have a 2001 Acura MDX, and the headlight covers had gotten so yellow that very little light was shining through.I bought some head light cleaner products and tried to clean up the headlight covers myself (which included sand paper and instructions).  It didn’t work.  Paul cleaned them up in less than one hour, and the headlight covers now look good as new.  Paul also detailed two of my cars, and they still look great.  I highly recommend Paul for all of your car cleaning needs.

Steve S.


I can’t believe I’m the first person to write a review on PC Auto Detailing!! Paul did an amazing job on my car! I had unsightly water (etc) spots on my hard-to-clean seats and mats, and I finally couldn’t take it anymore. Paul was so informative during our initial phone conversation;I knew he was the right guy to give my car the attention it had so desperately needed. He worked around my schedule and fit me in just a few days later!He arrived promptly with a friendly attitude – always a plus. After about 2.5 hrs of focusing on the interior, I asked if he’d be willing to do the exterior as well. While he didn’t plan on it, he was flexible and agreed to stay an extra couple hours to give me the complete package. Also, he uses eco-friendly cleaning liquids and provides a ‘dry wash’ – saving all that water! Huge bonus!I am a beyond satisfied customer and highly recommend Paul’s auto detailing service – my car looks better than it did the day I bought it!


Ashley B.


“After hearing the danger of dirty, yellow headlights on vehicles, I asked Paul to take a look at my vehicle to assess what I needed. He advised that I get my headlights cleaned because it is a huge safety problem.I got my car back and I couldn’t believe the difference.  The car’s dingy yellow lenses were now crystal clear!Before Paul cleaned my headlights I would mess with my light signals at night to make sure on because I couldn’t tell.  The night I got my car back, the headlights lit up the whole street!  I even had people flashing their lights at me as if I had my brights on.  Thank you Paul for keeping families safe!”

Melanie MacPetrie


My son’s car had yellowed headlights and dents and scratches from two fender-benders Paul came to my office and spent the day to do his magic.  When I saw that car afterwards I called my son and told him “I just exchanged your old car for a NEW one.  We were both so happy with the result!  Paul has the magic touch!

Dr. Sam Paris


Dear Mr. Weidler,This letter is a note of appreciation and of recommendation for your services to others who may be considering you and your company for detailing services.I recently asked Paul if he could bring some new life back into my 15 year-old BMW.  My car is in pretty good shape, but I park it in my driveway, near the saltwater, and the paint, interior, carpets, dashboard, instruments, and other features were looking pretty neglected.  Paul looked at my car and we set up an appointment where he would meet me at my office so I could work while he worked.Paul showed up exactly on time, prepared, and ready to do the job he had accurately estimated for me.  With no supervision, very few, if any, breaks that I was aware of, and working in near 100 degree temperatures, Paul finished my car in about 5 hours of non-stop effort.The results speak for themselves.  My 15 year-old car now looks literally as good as when I drove it home from the dealership.  Paul’s attention to detail (no pun intended) far exceeded my expectations.  Paul cleaned areas of my car I could never access, or completely ignored.  Every piece of trim, moulding, switch, lever, chrome, wheel, or body looks as good as new.  My next step is to have Paul sand, re-paint, and restore my original leather seats and trim.  I know he’ll do a better job than anyone else I know.I would recommend Paul and PC Auto Detailing for any job, big or small, where the owner expects terrific results at an outstanding price.  Thanks for exceeding my expectations and making me a very happy customer!Sincerely,

Lee Trudeau
Area Development Manager
AMS Financial Management Services