Why You Should Take Your Car for A Professional Paint Touch-Up

Posted on Dec 12, 2018

Why You Should Take Your Car for A Professional Paint Touch-Up

Does your car look rough around the edges? Are the bruises and bumps taking away from your car’s appearance? If your vehicle has a scratch, chip, scuff, or any other type of paint damage, the PC Auto Detailing professionals can quickly and easily fix it.

How Do You Know You Need A Paint Touch-Up?

Paint touch-up is for cars that have minor chips, nicks, and scratches where the paint is scrapped off, rubbed off, chipped off, missing, or nicked off. The areas include quarter panels and door fenders, doors and around the door handles, and side panels and bumpers.  Such damage can come from your car bumping into walls or doors opened against other car doors, or from slight brushes with trash cans, fences, bicycles, poles, etc.

Other reasons why your vehicle might be in need of a paint touch-up are:

  • If your vehicle is old, looks a little bit weathered, and the bruises and bumps are adding up, then it’s time to take your car for a paint touch-up. This service will help rewind the years while making your vehicle look its absolute best.
  • Your car is constantly exposed to adverse weather conditions. Over time, they may break down your car’s paint color and take the shine from its finish. What you need is a paint touch-up to transform your vehicle’s look.
  • It’s possible that the value of the auto-body compared to the value of your car doesn’t justify an expensive repair. The solution to that is a proper and professional paint touch-up. 
  • Perhaps you’re tempted to do the paint touch-up yourself? This might seem like a cheaper option, however, there is specialized preparation as well as finish work required to achieve the perfect results. Such a job also needs color sanding, polishing, and paint matching techniques that require professional services. Without the right preparation, the paint touch-up will look off, and it will also not last.



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